OVNI 365

ALUBATS’s experience in centreboarders and Marc Lombard’s reputation with in terms of performance have been brought together for the first time to produce the OVNI 365: a total success concerning as far as vessel approval, its comfort and its stunning performances are concerned. Upwind or downwind, on long trips or just coastal cruising, the OVNI 365 will satisfy the most demanding of skippers.

OVNI 395

The smooth and accurate helm control will tell you a lot about its nautical qualities : remaining both stiff in a breeze and efficient in performance, this Briand plan must be tried out…

OVNI 400

Building on our experience and expertise in blue water sailing boats, we have collaborated with the MORTAIN & MAVRIKIOS agency to create the OVNI 400, worthy successor of the OVNI 395.

OVNI 445

On the blue water cruising boat market, the OVNI 445 is the best expression of the ALUBAT shipyard’s manufacturing quality and of the progress in naval architecture: more performance, more elegance and more comfort, and still a 100% aluminium centreboarder.

OVNI 450

The OVNI 450 is the new version of the OVNI 445, of which already 46 units have been built since the first one in 2008.