About Alubat

The story

In 1973 ALUBAT built ‘VODKA’, the prototype of the first OVNI ever: the OVNI 25. It was made of aluminium but with a fin keel. The OVNI 31 soon enlarged the range, but as a ballasted centreboarder. After that, the OVNI 28, launched in 1978, was the first aluminium lifting keel boat with hard chines, and this set the tone for future designs.

Later, in 1994, the yard started to build keel yachts, represented today by the CIGALE range.
In addition to the ALUBAT in-house expertise and its design/engineering department, the very best naval architects are invited to design the yachts like Marc LOMBARD. All these boats are always fully – hull and deck – made of aluminium.

In 2014, 14 shareholders, manufacturers in the Vendée region, passionate about sailing and blue water cruising, represented by Michel BERSON, President, bought the shipyard. All the team has contributed in perpetuating the historical values of the shipyard and modernizing the range.  

Today, to meet new customers’ needs, ALUBAT’s range has evolved with the OVNI 450, followed by the “new generation” OVNI with the OVNI 400 which was launched in September 2019 and the OVNI 370, exhibited as a World Premiere during the La Rochelle Boat Show “Grand Pavois” in September 2021.

Luc JURIEN, Managing Director, is now sharing his knowledge, skills in the water sports field, his experience in sailing around the globe, especially on his OVNI 56 “Bulle”, and his listening skills to develop the ranges. 

Since the beginning, ALUBAT have built more than 1,600 units, all aluminium, most of which are still sailing all over the world.