About Alubat

The story

In 1973 ALUBAT shipyard was created.

In 1978, the OVNI 28 was the first aluminium lifting keel boat with hard chines, and this set the tone for future designs of the brand. From 25′ to 58′, 26 models have been available over 50 years, with the collaboration of the architects Philippe BRIAND, Marc LOMBARD, Alain MORTAIN and Yiannis MAVRIKIOS.

In 1994, based on plans by Jean-Marie FINOT and then Marc LOMBARD, the shipyard started to build the CIGALE, aluminium ULDB (Ultra-Light Displacement Boat) keelboats.

In 2014, 14 shareholders, manufacturers from Vendée, bought the shipyard and contributed in perpetuating the historic values of the shipyard.  

Customers’ needs have evolved and the OVNI range has been renewed. After the OVNI 450, based on Marc LOMBARD design, launched in 2018, ALUBAT is launching the “new generation” resulting from a collaboration between the naval architect design offices MORTAIN & MAVRIKIOS and CBA (Jean-Pierre BROUNS, Alain BECHETOILLE and Nina KARLSEDER). The OVNI 370 is launched in September 2021 and the OVNI 430 (from the OVNI 400) was exhibited during the La Rochelle Boat Show “Grand Pavois” 2023.

Luc JURIEN, General Director of the shipyard since 2021, with his experience of sailing around the world, especially onboard the OVNI 56 “Bulle”, and his technical knowledge of long-distance sailboats, continues to develop the range.

Thus, the OVNI 490 completes the new generation with a 50′ pilothouse providing more comfort. Her launch is planned for May 2025.

The CIGALE range is renewed with the CIGALE 15 QR (Swingning Keel), designed by the FINOT-CONQ naval architecture design office.

An aluminum blue-water sailing catamaran, the OVNICAT 48 designed by MORTAIN & MAVRIKIOS, is currently under construction.

Since October 2023, Luc JURIEN has taken over the shipyard with Thierry LEPRINCE, Production and After-Sales Manager, Pierre-Yves MESNIER, Purchasing Manager, Cécilia EDELINE, Communication and France Sales Manager, Denis VANLAERE, Export Manager, Joris CORBIN, Design Office Manager, and Julie JURIEN, Administrative Manager. Together, they continue the adventure with the 40 men and womenof the ALUBAT team.

Since the beginning, ALUBAT has seen more than 1,600 units leave its workshop. All boats are made entirely of aluminium, hull and deck and most still sail around the world.