The Shipyard


In 1974 ALUBAT built ‘VODKA’, the prototype of the first OVNI ever: the OVNI 25. It was made of aluminium but with a fin keel. The OVNI 31 soon enlarged the range, but as a ballasted centreboarder. After that, the OVNI 28, launched in 1978, was the first aluminium lifting keel boat with hard chines, and this set the tone for future designs.

Later, in 1994, the yard started to build keel yachts, represented today by the CIGALE range.
In addition to the ALUBAT in-house expertise and its design/engineering department, the very best naval architects are invited to design the yachts like Marc LOMBARD. All these boats are always fully – hull and deck - made of aluminium.


In 2014, 14 shareholders, manufacturers in the Vendée region, passionate about sailing and blue water cruising, represented by Michel BERSON, President, bought the shipyard. All the team has contributed in perpetuating the historical values of the shipyard and modernizing the range.


Today, to meet new customers’ needs, ALUBAT’s range has evolved with the OVNI 450, followed by the OVNI 400 which was launched in September 2019.  

Hakim RAHMOUN, Managing Director, is now sharing his knowledge, skills in the water sports field, his experience in sailing around the globe and his listening skills to develop the ranges.

A 100% aluminium sailing catamaran range for blue water cruising has been designed with the OVNICAT 48 as the first model.

Since the beginning, ALUBAT have built more than 1,500 units, all aluminium, most of which are still sailing all over the world.



  • Your boat will come to life in our metalwork shops, thanks to our skilled welders who have great experience in assembling the different parts of the hull.
  • Your boat will then be painted in our painting workshop which has 2 heated and ventilated painting cabins (16m and 21m long),
  • The furniture will be fitted aboard in the yard.
  • Last step, all the technical components of your boat (electrical circuits, plumbing, mechanical and hydraulic systems, optional equipment) are fitted on board by our technicians.
  • We subcontract the installation of the navigation instruments, with technicians who start working upstream in the yard during the build process to guarantee optimum integration.


Our high level of requirement regarding the choice of our suppliers, the equipment for our boats and our working methods with our partners, is vital to reach optimum quality and reliability.


We assist you and advise you on the equipment and options regarding your sailing programme in order to build your customized and adapted boat.

This strategy enables us to monitor the full building process and quality control.

The talent of the best naval architects, such as Philippe Briand, Alain Mortain-Yannis Mavrikios or Marc Lombard, comes in addition to the expertise of ALUBAT’s design department.



Our shipyard based in Les Sables d'Olonne, the Vendée Globe city, whose brands and know-how are internationally recognized, is constantly evolving thanks to a passionate, committed and highly qualified team.

ALUBAT shipyard is moving forward, faithful to the same passion that has been motivating our designers and craftsmen of the hundreds of boats that have come out of our workshops and made ALUBAT’s international reputation as great as it is today. More than ever, ALUBAT is carrying on the essential values that made its success by putting the yard and the team at the service of the customers.


We continue to make the most reliable and long-lasting sailing boats that can be, perfectly adapted to your navigation project, may they be simple or more complex, short or long term.

Your ALUBAT boat will be as safe and comfortable in the marina as offshore and as pleasant to steer and live aboard in the tropics as in the frozen north.



Since its creation in 1973, ALUBAT has constantly reinforced its highly specific identity in order to deliver boats which fit customer requirements and needs.

The ALUBAT shipyard perpetuates day after day its passion for tailor-made boats and its love of perfect work by adding new models, new designs and new services.

"Designed for 'blue water' travellers but adapted to all"

A complete range


10 models from lifting keel to fin keel yachts.
From 36 to 70 feet.


Discover our ranges


The choice of all aluminium: hull and deck


With a density and mechanical properties of both rigidity and shock absorption, aluminium is undoubtedly the ideal material for building yachts that are both light and safe.

In addition to the flexibility it provides in terms of building processes, aluminium is certainly the most suitable material for making bespoke yachts.


The quality of hull construction, the durability of our woodwork and the care taken of the electrical installations combined with the seagoing qualities of our yachts, guarantee the value of the yacht you have bought. Should you wish to buy a larger or more recent model your Ovni or Cigale will quickly find a buyer, at a good price.


Finally, when, after many years of use, an ALUBAT sets off on its last journey, the main materials used, aluminium for hull and deck as well as lead and / or cast iron for ballast, being perfectly recyclable materials, this boat will participate in sustainable development by re-emerging in other forms.





Our boats are born from people meeting each other.

Your boat will be unique
because it will be the fruit of a long exchange between you and the men and women working at ALUBAT. From these discussions, the personality of your boat will be come to life.

Based on your plans and requirements, and by complementing your sailing experience with that of our sales and technical staff, all of whom are experienced sailors, you will draw up the specifications of your OVNI, CIGALE or OVNICAT.

The dialogue between you and our team allows to answer all your needs*, because everything is locally manufactured by our teams.

ALUBAT is the only yard that enables you to define the specifications of your boat, without the costs associated with a ‘one-off’.

*Within the limits of the technical constraints and of the safety as well as of the planning of the construction.

High quality

In addition to quality equipment and suppliers, our workers’ training and experience guarantee the quality of our boats. All the boat building work is undertaken in-house, from the manufacture of every single part to the fitting in your boat.

Occupying more than 10,000 sqm, of which 5,500 sqm under cover, ALUBAT shipyard based in Les Sables d’Olonne (Vendée, France) covers all the different aspects of boat building.

















Comfortable and elegant

Your interior is designed to ensure the best comfort, in the choice of seats, bedding or in the ergonomics of your living areas. The recent collaboration with an interior designer specialising in boats, has extended the choice of wood varieties, layouts and paints and the harmony of the different materials to contribute to your satisfaction.


Whether you choose an OVNI, a CIGALE or an OVNICAT, you will be making a unique choice.


When you consider that ‘FRENCH KISS’, the 1987 America’s Cup entry, was born at ALUBAT and that the company is a member of the group that initiated the rebirth of the Vendée Globe race, you realise that ALUBAT is able to build a unique yacht for you.

Last but not least, the owners of OVNI and CIGALE yachts are our best ambassadors and also our best customers, as most of them successively bought two or three boats.

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